Africa ICAs Conference, 22-29 October 2022

The Institute of Cultural Affairs in Africa is a network of National and Associate ICAs, non-profit and non-governmental organizations. The network is organizing a continental conference in Nairobi Kenya for the 12 member countries. The conference topics are on climate change, ToP methods in Africa, Courage to Lead, institutional Sustainability and Fundraising. The conference is scheduled to be held from 22nd to 29th October 2022.

The venue of the conference will be communicated later. This is expected to provide an opportunity for face to face interaction since COVID 19 restrictions. Also, to provide an avenue to share and learn the latest measures in climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience. The information will help the participants to develop a climate change manual to be used in implementation of climate change activities. The conference will invite climate change experts to give presentations and share knowledge and expertise to the participants. ToP methods and Courage to Lead training is expected to play a major role in planning and implementation of climate change activities. Institutional sustainability and fundraising will be key in ensuring success of the measures to be put in place for long term sustainable development goals.

We are therefore inviting you to participate as a critical partner and also to contribute finances towards the successful organization of this very important event to put ICAs in Africa on the right and solid footing. 

If you want to participate, it will be mandatory to pay a small sum for your panel/participation and place to stay during the conference.

For further information