The First Peoples

Welcome to this September 2015 issue of Winds & Waves, the online magazine of ICA International, entitled “The First Peoples”.

Winds and Waves Sep 2015 thumbnailICA has been working with indigenous peoples at least since one of the earliest ICA Human Development Projects was established with an aboriginal community in Mowanjum, Australia, in 1971.  This issue shares stories of how ICAs as well as other organisations and individuals continue to work with the “First Peoples” in Australia, and in Canada and Chile as well.

A number of stories focus on the application of appropriate and innovative new technologies, including in strawberry cultivation in India and in earth bag construction in Nepal. Others tell of philanthropy and funding partnerships in Africa, Australia, India and Japan.  Others still focus on the application of participatory methods, in particular ICA’s “Technology of Participation”, in countries including Hong Kong, South Korea and Mongolia.  Healing and reconciliation, disaster recovery and social transformation feature in stories from Australia, Canada, Egypt and Nepal. Such is the richness and diversity of our members’ work in “advancing human development worldwide”, much of it pursued in partnership, “peer-to-peer”.

Also in this issue you will read of recent developments in the global affairs of ICA International, not least relating to the online ICAI General Assembly held in July. We are delighted to welcome three new Associate members to our global community, and to include contributions from two of them in this issue – from the Safe Neighbourhood Foundation in Uganda and the ORP Institute in South Korea.  We are excited by the quickening pace of face-to-face network gatherings emerging around the world, including regional gatherings upcoming in West Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe MENA and emerging prospects for a global conference next year in partnership with Initiatives of Change in Switzerland.

We are also excited to have launched our ICAI website in September, after months of collaborative design and development this year. This dynamic site is designed to provide an engaging platform for member ICAs and ICA colleagues to communicate with each other and with the wider world. you will use and share it! Please do take a look around, and share your comments on the site or contact us directly with your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you to those who have contributed to this issue, and to our tireless editorial team for bringing it all together in such a beautiful new design for us.

Enjoy this issue, and please share it and encourage others to do so.

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First Peoples

Recognising a wrong to set it right by John and Elaine Telford

Long Game We have to Win by Linda Burney

The Stolen Generations: Part II by Simona Galimberti

Native way to overcome trauma by Lorraine McRae and Jan Sanders

The Wise Old Warriors by Jan Sanders

Taking back the power by Jeanette Stanfield


Making it their project by Jwa-Seop Shin, Young-Seck Lee and Hee-Jae Yoo

Idea jamming to limit climate change by Jimmy Wan

What’s On

Coming Events

ICA International

General Assembly held across two time zones and over 10 days by Martin Gilbraith

Expanding the global network by Staci Kentish

Ugandan NGO’s self-help strategy by Richard Kirya Itakali

Collaborating with the Initiatives of Change by Martin Gilbraith

Check out the bells and whistles on the new website   by Robert Liverpool

ICA Reports


Disabled but independent by Edward Christensen and Isabel de la Maza


The sweet fruits of high-tech farming by Shankar Jadhav

ICA MENA (Middle East & North Africa)

From desert village to national network by Sabah Khalifa

Thriving in Egypt’s turbulent times by Martin Gilbraith


A safe home for the disabled by Mohan Bahadur Karki

Rebuilding after the earthquake by Pritha Khanal

This post was first published in Winds and Waves, September 2015.