ICA Benin assesses its impact

With the financial support of ICA:UK, ICA Benin has conducted a project entitled “Assessment of Impact of ICA Benin “ during 2016.

As the organization and the numbers of projects supported grow, it has become increasingly important to accurately document the impact of ICA Benin’s work on people it supports, their organizations and the communities they serve. The main objectives of the Impact Assessment are as follows:

  • to assess the overall impact of ICA Benin’s work through analyzing the perspectives of people, their organizations / groups, communities and partners – impact on people, on their communities and community development in general.
  • to identify success factors, challenges and areas of future improvement, in relation to the people’s own development as community development initiatives supporter and the impact their work has been having in all these sectors
  • to critically analyse the approach that ICA Benin has taken and make recommendations for future development. This will include some comparative analysis with other organizations and their approaches
  • to guide the future development and planning of ICA Benin as an organization, thus incorporating the key findings of the Impact Assessment process
  • to develop and pilot a model of effective impact assessment that other small organizations may be able to use and benefit from, especially amongst other ICA:UK partners.

Normally this project was scheduled for four months but many circumstances have contributed to add more time. A consultant has been hired and the project has been very successful with the contribution of our main partners and community beneficiary members. The report will be available very soon.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, December 2016.