ICA Japan launches internship program successfully

ica-japan-030INTERNS have been a real blessing for us at ICA Japan. They have re-done our English Web, our Facebook, our Instagram, as well as going to Japan projects and hosting seminars at two universities. The seminars focussed on topics such as NPO’s, ICA Japan’s goals and global issues, encouraging further engagement of the students. Visit www.icajapan.org for the whole intern report!

ica-japan-032With the Interns we have formed a marathon proposal and would like to contact schools and universities to participate! They anticipate this marathon could be a big hit, and expect 500 runners to run or walk for GREEN, perhaps in May. If this marathon is approved by our Board, we would like to invite all ICAs to have parallel events so that this becomes well known globally, and ICA becomes well known and also gains local income to support their projects and themselves.

ica-japan-033Now that our INTERNS are doing so well, we plan to reinstate our facilitation services in Japan. We would like to invite Bill Staples of ICA Associate Canada to offer training and the new course they are offering in the Spring of 2017.

Please see the January 2017 Global Buzz report by ICA Cote d’Ivoire to the tremendous project that we are funding and we are working together. Please see the the January 2017 Global Buzz report by ICA Nepal about the recovery of the Women’s center and the additions of elders care, a playground for children, and making and marketing low cost sanitary napkins so that young women can go to school full time. We completed and offered to JICA a 3 year proposal for addressing in India a major Climate Change action in a very dry and barren land. This would be implemented by HCD India. JICA will accept (or postpone) our proposal by the end of March.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, January 2017.