EPDI strengthens civil society in rural Nigeria

In January 2017, EPDI Nigeria Executive Director, Hannah Anighoro, participated in the first meeting on January 26-27, 2017 of the South West Zonal Committee of CRUDAN, an NGO membership organisation to which EPDI is a member. Hannah is the Vice Chairperson of the Committee. During the meeting, an introductory training was conducted for members of the Committee by the Chairman, Revd. S. Ajayi, on ‘Church and Community Mobilization Process (CCMP)’. The demand for the programme is on the increase and more facilitators are needed to meet the need. The other modules would be taken in due course, with the next training slated for March 2017.

A second activity was the meeting of stakeholders on ‘Project Experience Dissemination Session (PEDS)’ organized by the Educational Co-operation Society (ECS) on the project it has been implementing on Recuperating Civil Society Space in rural areas of Nigeria. The objective of the project is to strengthen civil society by promoting concerted community processes, which foster community development in equity, and gender equality. The Project Experience Dissemination Session (PEDS) was organised to disseminate experience gained on this project and share best practice amongst social sector actors and partners in social service delivery. The meeting which took place at the ECS Premises (Former Lagos Business School building), Lagos on January 31, 2017 attracted all partners involved in the project, including EPDI, other NGOs and the Media. The need for cross-sector partnerships and continual experience sharing by social sector actors were necessary for enhancing partnerships, sharpening capacity and showcasing activities of partnerships that work with the public.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, February 2017.

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