ICA Benin completes impact assessment

The final report of our ICA Benin impact assessment is now available. Several programs and projects have been evaluated through collaborative research work conducted by an independent consultant. We are thanking ICA:UK for its support for this project.

1. Technology of Participation (ToP)

  • Since 2005 ICA Benin has organized several ToP facilitation training sessions with the support of ICA Associates Canada, ICA:UK and NIRADO Nigeria as mentor. But the trained staff members left our organization for well paid jobs. So we still facing skilled facilitators availability challenges.

2. Water – Human Right to Water and Sanitation

  • Since 2009, ICA Benin has been involved in the human right to water and sanitation, promoting initiatives in our country. Among activities in this field a decentralized cooperation on water and sanitation was implemented during 2014 with the partnership of Waterlex, UNDP and Geneva Town.
  • With the support of Both ENDS (Netherlands) two capacity building projects were conducted during 2012 and 2013 for Safe Water Consumers Associations for the region of Donga and civil society organizations.
  • From 2015 to 2016, ICA Benin has built three wells equipped with energy generators in the villages of Dodja, Adjago and Dédomey with the financial support of Well Water Global.

3. Women empowerment initiatives

  • Since 2009, ICA Benin has been involved in the Women Land Link(WLLA) campaign in Benin. Within this campaign ICA Benin promotes women to the access of land, access to justice, to economic opportunities and decision making. At least twelve cooperatives have been created and many activities conducted by them.

Recommendations have been made, and we are planning to organize a strategic planning workshop next month to see how to implement them.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, February 2017.