ICA Guatemala holds its first Learning Basket Practitioner course

On July 21 to 23rd, ICA Guatemala will be holding its first Learning Basket Practitioner course, thanks to the support of Elise Packard, and trainers, Angélica Rodrígeuz and Raul Jorquera. The Learning Basket® approach nurtures family literacy using materials developed in Spanish and English.

We are so excited that colleagues from ICA Peru and ICA Chile are coming to Guatemala for the course. This is a result of the Americas Regional Meeting where there was a chance to hold a demonstration of the Learning Basket Program.  At that time ICA Peru and ICA Chile showed great interest in participating in the training course. We will also have Guatemalan participants coming from the rural areas, where a pilot program of the Learning Basket is currently being carried out.

This program has been put into effect by ICA Guatemala, directed by Joaquina Rodriguez, and supportedby by Elise Packard, Angélica Rodrígeuz, Raul Jorquera, CAF América and the Spenser Family, to whom we are really grateful.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, July 2017.