ICA Nepal celebrates 20 years of transforming people and organisations

Greetings from the Chairperson

Prof. Dr. Tatwa P. Timsina, Chairperson

It gives me immense pleasure to share you all that we are celebrating 20th anniversary of ICA Nepal. With the history of more than 50 years globally, this is a milestone achievement in our context. We are so proud of sharing 20 years glorious works of ICA Nepal. For us, it is a result of our ongoing passion for human capacity building, determined to ensure participation for sustainability no matter how the circumstances have prevailed in the last 20 years.

ICA Nepal was established in early 1998 to provide community development and training and facilitation courses for youths, civil society organizations and communities. Since then we have grown bigger and bigger in terms of activities we carried out and the impact we made. I feel proud having seen the positive impact that we have been able to create in dozens of villages through training and empowerment programmes. Through such efforts we are able to transform thousands of people enabling them to have safe and sound lives.

Nepal is going through transition aiming for better tomorrow, realizing the legislative, local government and provincial assembly election is a great accomplishment. I wish we all remain focused and committed to the development for prosperity of each and every individual. I thank all the well-wishers and supporters who enabled us to reach to the most disadvantaged communities and serve for their better life.

In future, ICA Nepal is committed to promote human development through its innovative approaches of comprehensive human development, agro-tourism, supporting local government in planning and implementation, mobilizing local communities for entrepreneurship development etc. We wish for your active participation in our programmes in future as well!

Remarks from the Executive Director

Ms. Ishu Subba, Executive Director  

This year we are celebrating 20th anniversary of ICA Nepal! It is a milestone achieved. I congratulate everyone involved, participated, and lived the whole experience of ICA Nepal through these years.

As a part of global network, ICA Nepal has independently emerged as one of the leading NGOs in Nepal. From the very beginning, it has been carrying out massive development activities transforming thousands of lives in Nepal. In the past 20 years, several changes have occurred at local, national and global context. Nepal witnessed decade long insurgency, political upheavals and movement which replaced traditional monarchy to republic system and now recently we participated in the local government election after 19 years. Through all these years, ICA Nepal has actively played its role in the country to achieve remarkable improvements in terms of people’s participation, equality, leadership, and improving lives.

This is not an opportunity to look back but an opportunity to look ahead. I wish to extend our thanks to board of directors, program teams, field staffs, the global network for regular support and help. Thank you once again for all that you have done through ICA Nepal. I hope we will be still around in 50 years celebrations and that many of us will continue to be part of this journey. ICA will continue its role in future and expects to create impact in human lives.

Download the 36-page full colour report 20 Years of ICA Nepal Achievement (pdf, 16Mb).