ICA MENA collaborates on safe health care and integrated sanitation

Safe Health Care for Mothers and Children

ICA MENA Egypt recently completed this 9-month project, which lay within a wider programme of participatory development in urban areas.

Funded by the European Union and the German government, the project was implemented in the centre of Qalyub railway area in the province of Qalyoubia. The Institute of Cultural Affairs worked with the Governor and local government institutions, the Egyptian Association for Awareness and Comprehensive Development and community partner associations (Fathy Matar Al-Lou Foundation, Safa Association for Community Development, and Management of adult education in Qalyub).

A meeting was held with community leaders to celebrate the achievements and look at the continuity and replication experience of the project in other regions. All the participants stressed that although it is a final conference for the grant, it is a beginning to open a new horizon and ideas for new development projects in the region.

Integrated Sanitation Project, Luxor

While one project ended, another one is just starting. With support from the African Bank, the first mass meeting was held for this project which covers 6 villages in West Esna. Following an environmental impact assessment, the project will provide new infrastructure to deal with waste, as well as addressing related health and social issues.

The meeting brought together the Water and Sanitation Company in Luxor, local Government representatives and experts, the African Bank, people and opinion leaders, heads of the councils and local units of Al-Muta’na villages, the Vice President of the Centre and the City of Esna.

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