ICA Japan interns complete ICA West Africa website

Super Intern Power

Our 3 ICA Japan interns completed their journey here this week in the Tokyo House with outstanding success. They finished the West-Africa-icas.org WEBSITE that you will really enjoy, including the pages about their recent ICA West Africa Conference. And they are providing providing simple operating instructions for them to operate the site. We very much appreciate their work and the excellent materials that were given by each location and the commons unifying area.

Membership Campaign Launched

We have started a 400+ membership campaign using a new super brochure. Success will be sweet in January. You all can get a “seat” too! We will add on-line Credit Card and Pay-Pal payments by the end of the year.

We held our third Facilitating Client Collaboration Course

with about 8 people have taken all 3 courses in ToP Facilitation Essentials program which covers the IAF Competencies. We are on the way to a great staff buildup!

Kenya Drought Relief

Shizuyo went to Kenya from Nov. 19 to 29th She visited Isinya town, Kajiado District for a tree plantation funded by ERCA. They planted 220 trees near each of 5 schools, children participated and enjoyed. In Kenya a severe drought happened last year. One village lost 5000 cows last year since the animals had no way to eat grass and drink water. The villagers have to change their way of life, and plant many trees and vegetables and fodders. They cherished the good old days where the could roam the wide open ranges. ICA Japan and ICA Kenya also distributed food to the Ukalani Primary School and the community as well. 300 people were gathers together at that time. This was sponsored by Table cross. It was big celebration. They said food, water, and tree are most important gift in Kenya.

Fukushima area Radiation Relief

Maki Tsukamoto and Mr Kitagaki bought more than US$2000 worth of flowers for Fukushima people and delivered an impactful workshop to around 50 individuals as the move back to their towns and homes after more than 5 years living in very small homes. The town is envisioning hi-tech solutions to fill the town’s gaps.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, December 2018.