ICA Taiwan conducts face-to-face training in March


Taiwan is not on lockdown, so ICA Taiwan was ale to conduct two public, face-to-face training sessions in March.  We had 40 people in a ToP Group Facilitation Methods 1 (Focused Conversation) course, and in April we had 20 people in a GFM 2 (Consensus Workshop) course.

We have also been doing lots of exploration of the virtual world, including:

  • 5 virtual webinar session with colleagues in Malaysia and Singapore
  • 5 virtual sessions with colleagues from Australia and New Zealand looking at our application of ToP (ICA’s Technology of Participation)
  • Monthly regional dialogues on our Asia Pacific strategy
  • Hosted a meeting with ICA USA and ICA Associates Canada on ToP virtual training
  • Conducted a virtual Focused Conversation course with colleagues from Nepal and India
  • Hosted 6 global invitation gatherings
  • We are exploring taking GFM 2, Imaginal Learning and Participatory Strategic Planning online as well.
  • Reaching out to the ICA network for other language offers of the the original or new webinars.

This post is adapted from ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, May 2020. Photos are taken from ICA Taiwan on Facebook.