ICAI Board prepares for General Assembly

ICAI strategic directions 2015-16

The ICAI Board spent much of the June Board meeting preparing for the upcoming General Assembly July 21st.

Three new organizations are applying for Associate Membership at this GA, Safe Neighbourhoods Foundation (SNF) in Uganda, ORP Institute in Korea and Esto Perpectua Development Initiative (EDPI) in Nigeria. We are excited to be recommending these applications for voting and look forward to them becoming official members of our network.

At the upcoming GA we will also be voting on the location of the 2016 ICAI Global Conference and on the draft being put forward by the ToP Global Policy working group.

Members will have a chance to get a first glance at the new ICAI website as well at the GA. We’re hoping to spend the next several months working with ICAs to populate the website with current content and then hope to move towards a system whereby ICAs are able to update and add their own information as often as they’d like.

Finally, the GA will be a chance for voting members to approve the 2015-16 Strategic Directions (photo) that we completed at our face-to-face meeting in Tanzania. We’re really pleased with the results of our meeting and the ambition of our new team. We’re looking forward to playing an increasingly supportive role in peer-to-peer initiatives between ICA members

Please contact us to ask for details if you would like to attend the GA meeting(s) and you have not yet received them.

This post was first published in the Global Buzz, July 2015.