Call for ICAI Board of Directors Nominees

ICAI Board 2015 Tanzania

Please submit all Nominations to the Board Nominations Committee no later than Friday, September 2contact us.

Beginning in January 2017, there will be up to three vacancies on the ICAI Board of Directors. The terms of Martin Gilbraith (President), Seva Ghandi (Treasurer) and Staci Kentish (Secretary) are up at the end of this year. All three members would like to stand down and see a new trio of Directors begin their terms, and intend to do so with as much transition support as is needed to ensure the Board’s strength and effectiveness going forward. That could even include one standing for re-election to serve a second term if needed.

The Board Nominations Committee (Jeanette Stanfield-ICA Canada, Robyn Hutchinson-ICA Australia, Isabel dela Maza-ICA Chile, Charles Wabwire-ICA Uganda and Dick Alton-ICA USA, along with Staci and Martin from the Board) is now asking for ICAI Board of Directors nominees.

Nominees must have a current and active relationship to a member ICA (Staff, Board, Associate, etc.). Official nominations must be made by a statutory member of ICAI, but suggestions for nominees can be submitted to the Nominations Committee by anyone, regardless of membership status and one can nominate or suggest oneself.

The Board Nominations Committee will be following up on all nominations through a vetting process before submitting the final slate of nominees up for vote in the October 20 General Assembly.

We are particularly keen to receive nominations for candidates who may be suitable and willing to serve as President, Secretary or Treasurer, either from January 2017 or from later.

Thank you! 

Jeanette Stanfield and Robyn Hutchinson, on behalf of the ICAI Nomination team