ICAI supports ICA regional meetings in Benin and Nepal

ICAI has financially supported two regional meetings this past quarter.  The ICA West Africa Regional Meeting that was hosted by ICA Benin from October 23 to 27, and the ICA Asia Pacific meeting that was hosted by ICA Nepal from October 29 to November 3. Stay tuned for the results of both meetings, and the forthcoming ICA European Interchange to be hosted by Focus Homini Poland from November 24-26.

Thanks to her initiative and work done in the Ukraine on this subject, Svitlana Salamatova, our Europe and MENA VP, is going to participate, at the 62nd session of the Commission on the Status Women, at the United Nations, representing ICAI. The main focus at this session is to be, ‘Women´s rural development’. I encourage you to send any information that you may have, to Svitlana, using her email: svetasalamatova@gmail.com, giving her details of your local programs. She will have a 10 minute session to give information of ICA´s projects. I see this as a wonderful opportunity to participate, and that the voice of women can be heard.

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, November 2017. Thanks to Konan Kouamé and ICA Nepal for photos via Facebook.