ICA:UK shares a winter update

ICA European regional gathering 2017 in Warsaw

European ICAs gather in Warsaw

This was a great opportunity to connect and re-connect with colleagues from France, ICA Germany, ICA Netherlands, Focus Homini Poland, ICA Ukraine and ICA:UK. We shared each other’s progress and discussed how we might work together more closely over the coming months and years. We left with a sense of renewed purpose, a determination to collaborate more and with a list of tasks to turn our good intentions into action.

ToP Group Facilitation Methods in Warsaw 2017 with Alan HeckmanAlso in Poland…

Immediately before the meeting, ICA:UK Associate Alan Heckman (right) led a Group Facilitation Methods training for 8 participants in Warsaw, working with Artur Kasza as co-trainer. In addition to being on his own trainer’s journey, Artur is active in establishing ICAI Associate member Focus Homini Poland. This is part of ICA:UK’s ongoing support for the establishment of a new ICA in Poland.

New Partnership, new courses

We are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with Martin Gilbraith Associates Ltd, covering selected courses in London, Birmingham and Brussels. The partnership will mean that we will both extend our reach, both benefit from each other’s marketing efforts, and be able to take advantage of each other’s brand and credibility. In 2018 this means that ICA:UK will include courses in Brussels on its schedule, and will expand the range of courses on offer to include Meetings that Work and Facilitating Client Collaboration. Both courses were developed by ICA Associates Canada and, as well as being stand-alone courses, can also be combined with Group Facilitation Methods to form a suite of courses ToP Facilitation Essentials designed to address all the competencies of the International Association of Facilitators.

Save the Date- our Annual Review and AGM

At their recent meeting the ICAUK Board agreed that the next review and AGM will be held on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd February 2018 in or near London. Details to follow.

ToP facilitation training with Initiatives of change in Geneva, Switzerland 2017In Switzerland…

In Switzerland ICA:UK continues to work with Caux Initiatives of Change to build up a Technology of Participation (ToP) training programme in the country. In November Group Facilitation Methods (2 days) and Participatory Strategic Planning (2 days) were held in Geneva. The courses trained eighteen people and helped the Swiss trainers to develop their skills. There are now one co-trainer and three trainees on the journey. Further courses, both in-house and public, are being planned for 2018.

A Case Study from the UK

A little over a year ago Jonathan Dudding designed and facilitated a process for an international Non-Government Organisation (NGO) to help them clarify and embed their values into their daily practice. The process involved interviews, a session with the Board and several sessions with staff members. The result was a revised set of values and an action plan for embedding them into the current practice of the various departments.

One year on, in answer to our questions about the lasting effects of the process, they responded:

  • How useful and enjoyable the process was- positively focused, good for team-building
  • The process led to more clarity and greater confidence among the staff on “who we are and what is important to us”
  • The results provided an agreed platform which enabled more decisions to be made (including major decisions about the future of overseas offices, etc.)
  • The main challenge they still face is internal communications- different departments sharing their progress in a way to strengthen overall organisational ownership

Our work in Africa

We continue to work with local organizations across Africa – we have connections in 13 countries, all with community-focused organizations using a participatory approach. Recent work with them includes- – Sponsoring (through Village Volunteers) impact assessments with Lambassa ICA Benin and SNF Uganda – Working with partners in Uganda, Ghana and Zambia to develop applications to the newly launched Small Charities Challenge Fund – Guiding the emergence of a new organization in Kenya to pick up the ICA legacy and move into the future with it Eugene Kouame of ICA Cote d’Ivoire and Hannah Anoghoro of EPDI, Nigeria at the recent regional gathering of ICAs in West Africa.

Our new website!

We are very excited that work has begun on our new website. We want it to:

  • Clarify and promote our identity (i.e. visitors get a stronger sense of who we are, what we do and why)
  • Boost sales of in-house and public courses
  • Support greater involvement with and between internal and external stakeholders

To help us we are working with Crowdskills who are combining their communication and technical skills to help us work through the process.

This article was first published on the ICA:UK website.