ICA Taiwan announces its 2017 calendar

The National Cheng Kung University Social Design department is co-facilitating with ICA Taiwan colleagues on Community Development Project Preparation.  Sessions in the credit course include Transformative Scenario Planning, Community Based Planning, Action Planning and Core Formation.

The “Courage to Lead” book study group is going strong, every two weeks in a face to face on-going program, as well as a “Truth About Life” monthly program engaging on meaningful topics. We have had 3 studies so far and are up to Chapter 4.

The ‘Building Creative Communities’ conference in Colliquitt, Georgia had two parts: Social Artistry (SA) Introduction and SA Advanced Leadership Intensive. In the middle was training with Richard Geer on Story Bridge – like Swamp Gravy, or Scrap Metal Soul. Evelyn Philbrook stayed for all three programs from January to February.

The Agile Facilitative Leadership course is the new program on our horizon.  Tech companies take the Agile course and want to know how to facilitate Agile. Two organizations have been taking public and internal courses for the last two years on  ToP (ICA’s Technology of Participation) and now we are developing a specific course series for becoming facilitative leaders.

Our ICA Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF) program is being offered this year by ICA Taiwan to Greater China and Asia – see the calendar below.

ToP Group Facilitation Methods 1 and 2 were both large programs of 30 or more people with Frieda Lin, Larry Philbrook, and Eric Tseng co-training.

Our ICAI Peer to Peer activities include:

  • ICA Taiwan supports and mentors ICA colleagues in Paris, France to join ICAI as an Associate Member.
  • ICA Associates Canada & ICA Taiwan plus others are working on a new course Professional Client Collaboration
  • ICA Canada is supporting the Courage to Lead program globally
  • Larry Philbrook has hosted monthly ICA Asia Pacific regional internet conversation
  • Working with ORP Institute Korea and others toward the end year program CTF and ToP Trainers program

Our current struggle is: “What is the form of ICA we want to see continue in history?”

Our Courses and Conferences calendar (all dates 2017):

  • April 15-16 – Participatory Strategic Planning
  • May 6-7 – Agile Facilitative Leadership
  • May 20 -21 – Open Space Learning Workshop Conference
  • June 3 – 4 – Dialogue Course
  • June 10-11 – Professional Client Collaboration Course
  • July 15-16 – Imaginal Learning for Facilitators Course
  • August 17-20 – IAF Asia in Seoul, Korea Conference
  • October 12-15 – IAF Europe Conference in Paris, France
  • October 25-31 – ICA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Thailand
  • November 18-19 – Spirit of Facilitation
  • December 9-10 – Certified Technology of Participation Facilitator
  • December 11 – Open Space: Exploration on Facilitation in Asia
  • December 12-13 – ICA Values
  • December 14 – Image Change for Trainers
  • December 15-16  -Training of Trainers

This post was written for ICAI’s monthly bulletin the Global Buzz, April 2017.